february 2016 • month in review

1. salut, Montréal!

So, my mom had a business trip which took her to Montréal, Quebec, Canada (!) for a few days. She asked me if I wanted to come, and of course I said yes; while she attended conferences and meetings and whatnot, I touristed. (That’s definitely a valid verb.) Full photo diary coming soon, but until then – here are some photos taken from my Instagram, Snapchat, and phone!

2. i am ~employed~!

A major development this past month: I scored my first job! It’s just as a waitress/cashier/etc at a café, but I’m pretty stoked about it. I’m realizing just how nonexistent my arm muscles are, because I have to push the huge garbage dumpster outside, and also how generally slow I am at moving around, because everyone is in a constant rush of serving customers while I am a sloth, like the ones in that Zootopia movie trailer. It’s nice having something to fill up time again, since I’m not going to school, and it’s a pretty novel feeling, earning legitimate money that gets directly deposited into my bank account. Adult life, here I come! (Here I am??)

3. one-woman bookclub: let’s explore diabetes with owls by david sedaris

I got this book of narrative essays from the best friend for Christmas, and I’ve been steadily going through it this past month, as part of my goal to read at least one new book each month in 2016. I completely failed in January, which is pretty shameful as someone who used to go through a couple new books a month when I was younger.

Anyways, this is the first book by this author that I’ve read, as well as the first book in this style of ‘narrative essays’ that I’ve read. It made me laugh out loud a good few times, and the handful of narratives from other voices were striking – “Just a Quick E-Mail”, from a woman to her sister, was pretty damn vicious and left me squinting to be sure I read it correctly. Good book overall, but not sure I’m wanting to read more from this author; the narratives were entertaining, but I don’t think I’m seeing the life observations and musings that the critics are talking about. Possibly I am just missing something, and will end up reading more Sedaris just to figure this out.

4. wishlist: “spring has sprung, motherfuckers!! PS it’s also my birthday this month so if anyone wants to buy me that $1,450 j.crew peacoat, now’s the time” edition

feb wishlist.jpg

1 ; j.crew cashmere peacoat, $1,450 – 2 ; vintage black velvet blouse via etsy, $50 – 3 ; chiara ferragni pink glitter slippers, $361 – 4 ; madewell mini transport crossbody, $148 – 5 ; topshop herringbone a-line skirt, $50 – 6 ; quay my girl cat-eye sunglasses, $48 – 7 ; herschel little america backpack, $99.99 – 8 ; glamorous faux-suede lace-up bodysuit via urban outfitters, $49 – 9 ; gap lace-up ballet flats, $59.95

5. a parting thought re: friends you keep for no good reason

A thing I’ve been thinking about lately is that collection of people in your life that I think most everyone has – friends that are just there, for no particular reason. They don’t really contribute anything to your life; no jokes, adventures, late-night talks, DIY parties, etc. Of course, they don’t really harm your life either; they’re not of that ‘toxic friend’ breed, where they sort of sap the life out of you like a dementor.

But I feel like they’re still not really worth keeping around. You waste your time and your energy on people that you don’t particularly enjoy, and who probably don’t particularly enjoy you either, and you hang around simply because you’ve been friends for years and it would feel a bit weird ghosting each other now. People talk a lot about weeding out your friends list and making sure no one you interact with regularly is constantly bringing you down, but I think it’s also worth making sure that you don’t leave a coffee date with a friend thinking to yourself, “god, I could’ve used those 2 hours so much more effectively”.

I guess with the New Year (both January 1st and Chinese New Year) and all, I’ve just been thinking about what I want to invest my time and effort in. & keeping up with randos who don’t bring me gud vibez is not what I want to spend my life doing. Like that KonMari method for cleaning – investigate your friend list, and get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy in your heart! At least, I think that’s how it goes.


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