hey friends!

It’s been a while. Sheepish laugh follows.

I’m writing to you from the dining table of an Airbnb in London, England. I’m two days away from moving into the dorms at the University of Edinburgh, and ten days away from the semester starting. I thought I’d check in here beforehand.

The last week or so has been filled with doubts and fears and worries about my academic career, my future social life, my ability to cook rice; anything I could possibly worry about, I have worried about. I’m wondering if this is the right choice, the right path for me to go down, and I’m wondering if I’ll be too prideful to admit that to myself should that be the case. There’s nothing to do but wait and see, though, so I guess that’s just what I’ll have to do for now – take a deep breath and plunge in, and hope I don’t drown in the process.

Thanks for listening, Void That We Call The Internet. You’re always here for me.


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