spring 10×10 • day 2

It’s Day 2 of 10×10! I sound excited now, but watch me be all, “It’s Day 6 of 10×10… I haven’t seen the light in many moons…” crawling on a dirty floor dramatic in a few days lol. OK, onto the outfit:


I’m wearing the same pants as yesterday, because, well, I love them!!! Lately I’ve been super into pants that look cool and presentable but are basically sweatpant-comfy. I love me a good high-waisted skinny jean, but sometimes a girl’s gotta stuff herself with shepherd’s pie and grow a food baby the size of triplets.

With these pants I’ve got on a navy blue cropped sweater which was a hand-me-down/essentially stolen from a friend clearing out her closet. To be real, I am so so so SO grateful she decided to downsize her wardrobe because this is one of my staples now, and I used to eye it enviously when she wore it, lol. I think it’s meant for an eight-year-old boy, but like! If the sweater fits!


For jewelry, I’ve taken off the heart charm and I’ve just my rose thorn on. And my earrings are these cute little gold hoops with stars dangling on them! I got them in Paris, at a Dutch store named HEMA, which is like Target I’m guessing but super cheap! They were, like, €3! They were also from the kids section, and I’m not even going to be slightly ashamed by that because kids always get the cool fun clothes, and that’s not fair. I honestly don’t know where my closet would be if I were a few inches taller or wider, because then I wouldn’t be able to fit into clothes meant for prepubescent boys.



It started absolutely pouring rain today, completely out of nowhere, so I had to dash home and grab a raincoat (once again, from the kids section) to toss on over my denim jacket. I’ve got two bags because one (the crossbody) is for my ~essentials~* i.e. lip balm, hand sanitizer, wallet, and the other (the tote) is for other stuff i.e. groceries and a photo album I bought, as well as my trusty Camelbak water bottle.


My shoes are the Nike Cortez! I’m lowkey uncomfortable wearing these sometimes because they’re so trendy as to be omnipresent, and I’ll almost always spot a few people wearing the same style on the street. The other day I was going up an escalator and the girl in front of me had on THE EXACT SAME PAIR down to the color and fabric and I was like AGHHH! And then I jumped off the escalator to escape my own awkward mind. Just kidding. But I did go to the opposite end of the store to avoid a potentially awkward encounter, lol. These are probably the most comfortable shoe I own, but they’re also maybe one of the most slippery shoes I own, so it’s, you know, a trade off. I just have to be careful on wet surfaces sometimes.


This bag is from Paperchase, and it’s one of those purchases you don’t mean to make at all, because you initially go into the store wanting to buy one specific item (in my case, a photo album), and then you come out with bags of shit (in my case, 8 rolls of washi tape and this llama bag). I’m sorry!!!! I had a coupon!!!!! …But like, for realz. Tell me you could resist this floral llama bag.


Looks like we’re at the end of our second day of 10×10-ing! I’ll see you tomorrow for day 3.


Outfit details:

  • sweater – Gap Kids boys
  • pants – Topshop
  • shoes – Nike
  • denim jacket – thrifted, label says ‘Earl Jean’
  • rain jacket – Gap Kids boys
  • necklace – Catbird NYC
  • earrings – HEMA
  • tote bag – Paperchase
  • crossbody bag – & Other Stories

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