spring 10×10 • day 3

Day 3 is upon us, I’m onto my second pair of pants, and I’m realizing that I did not pick enough pants for this challenge!! I love bottoms (as in, articles of clothing that go on the bottom half of your body, not as in asses, although I like those too) way more than tops, and yet I skewed the wrong way in making this mini capsule wardrobe. Something to remember for next time.

Anyway, onto the outfit –


This is my “why yes, I am a cool grad student” look, even though I’m nowhere even close to that. Alternately, “why yes, I am a cool student teacher”. Basically my fantasy for this outfit is that I’m getting a foot in the academic door and I’m the hip new thing on campus.


My jeans are from Madewell but I got them off Poshmark for a ridiculous price, and I love ’em to death. They’re a little too thin and stretchy for my taste, but for ~$25, can’t complain. Although, if I bought them full price, I would complain. They’re called the “sailor jean”, and I guess that’s because of the two pockets in the front? Do sailors have those? Apparently!


I’m wearing a ring today! How wild. I took it off pretty quickly actually, because I’m never comfortable washing my hands with rings on my fingers. Like, doesn’t the soap or water damage it somehow?? I feel like it would. Also, how would you moisturize your face and body and hands!? Wouldn’t it just accumulate on the sides of the ring?! Serious questions I have that all the cool girls and guys and non-binary pals wearing stacks of rings need to answer for me.


Threw on my J.Crew kids peacoat and a cashmere scarf that’s probably a Burberry knockoff because it was chilly today. But also I wanted to feel rich and preppy, because I’m a student teacher at a private school in upstate New York and I need to blend in with the students to gain their respect and form a sense of camaraderie. I have fantasies about these outfits, alright?


The backpack, I actually used today, haha. It’s not just a prop for my academia dreams. I went to a museum and sat in the cafe to do some work (i.e. frantically googling things to do with my ~future~* and freaking out), so my Herschel backpack carried my laptop, bullet journal, water bottle, and probably some more things that I really didn’t need but brought along anyway.

My earrings were a 19th birthday gift from my parents, and when they got me them I was like “..AAH! Thank – you! I – love them! Ah!” in this robot-sounding voice. I didn’t like them at all. Now, though, I’ve found they’ve grown on me quite a bit. No clue why.


I’m not sure how to gracefully and intelligently talk about elbow patches without just shoving them in your face or vigorously waving my arms around and yelling “ELBOW PATCHES!!!” – But I guess I’ll try. Elbow patches!! I have them!!! Honestly, I think this goes back to my style just being really, really, grandma-y? A lot of the things I like, people tend to comment on being kind of…old. Like, velvet and corduroy. Or prints that look like a teapot from the 1960s. And – elbow patches! But like, dude. Just try to tell me that a wallpaper print blazer with velvet elbow patches would not look sick as hell.


OK, Day 3 – it’s been real. Adios! I’ll see y’all tomorrow for outfit 4. (Sidenote: blogging everyday is SO TIRING. How do those lifestyle bloggers who put up content everyday do it?! I mean, I guess they’re doing it for money and not for fun like me, and they also have a huge team helping them out, and OK I can see how they do it now.)

sign off


Outfit details:

  • button up – Muji
  • jeans – Madewell via Poshmark
  • blazer – Mango
  • shoes – Gap
  • peacoat – J.Crew crewcuts (so, the kids section) Boys
  • backpack – Herschel via Poshmark
  • scarf – was a Christmas gift and has no tag!
  • earrings – I think a local boutique? Either that or Costco, tbh.

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