spring 10×10 • day 4

Well, well, well, look what we have here – Day 4 of 10×10, complete with a shitty Photoshop “graphic” I made because I wanted my image headers to be consistently weird looking, I guess. To be real, I am, uh, kind of already getting bored with these outfits. I guess it’s nice not having to think about it and, like, have the headspace to rush about your life without devoting too much thought to what you’re wearing, but – I don’t know. We’ll see how we get along in the coming days.



Today, I’ve got on pants and shoes that you’ve seen before in this 10×10, but with a new sweater! Wow! How wild!


Today’s outerwear was my leather jacket and a scarf! Staying with the basic black and white color scheme with a grey scarf, in part because it looks good, and in part because I’m realizing I don’t own many accessories, and the ones that I do are not particularly colorful.


The tote bag I was carrying today is from Catbird NYC, which is that jewelry boutique I mentioned a couple posts ago. The one that I got my thorn and heart necklace from? Yeah, they give you this free tote bag if you make a purchase over $100 I think! One side is their logo, and the other side is this lovely swan illustration. It’s so, so dreamy (best word I can think of right now), and I feel like a cool Brooklyn girl about town when I carry it around.


I got this leather jacket when I was maybe 15 on our last visit to England. I spotted it in the petite section with this gigantic fur collar attached to it, but the fur collar turned out to be detachable thank heavens, and it’s a well loved piece in my closet now. No clue where the fur collar’s gone, though. Maybe my cat tore it up?


In an effort to make myself feel like I was wearing something new, I wore one of those trendy basic bee bras from Calvin Klein. You can’t see the ~hip logo, of course, but the straps look kind of cooler than a regular bra showing, I thought.


Day 4 we’re done! I’m already thinking of the end of this challenge and having all my shoes and pants and tops back, although I probably haven’t even worn half of them in a fair while. I guess it’s just, you want that option of wearing your velvet jumpsuit with gold glitter, right?

sign off

Outfit details:

  • sweater – Urban Outfitters
  • pants – Topshop Petite
  • shoes – Gap
  • bag – Catbird NYC
  • scarf – gift from a friend

2 thoughts on “spring 10×10 • day 4

    • haha yeah, sometimes gap has good things! they’re like the only clothing store in the little city i live in except for forever21, so i haunt it regularly combing the shelves.. anyway, thanks! 🙂

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