spring 10×10 • day 5

It was raining today and thank heavens for that, because it means I could use it as an excuse to wear a different pair of shoes!


OK, I’m seriously running out of shit to say about these outfits. I’m also running out of patience to find ways to pose where I look good in front of the camera, as I’m sure you can tell lol. So, the main draw in this outfit is my sweater, of course. How could anyone pass up a sweater with ‘DUDE’ emblazoned across the front?



J.Crew kids section peacoat and & Other Stories bag – we’ve seen these babies before.


I think the two white stripes on one arm of the sweater are a really, really nice touch. I honestly didn’t even notice it at first, I just saw the “DUDE” on the rack and immediately screeched that I had to have it!! After my boyfriend got it for me (OK, I feel like I’ve been saying “my boyfriend got me this” a lot in these posts? Is that just me? I hope I haven’t been, because to be honest, I’ve kind of always disliked people who can’t stop talking about whoever they’re dating. I want to hear about you, Kelsey! Not your boyfriend Chad Bradley Trent Joseph the 3rd!) I noticed it and I was like, “Huh, noice!”


I’d like to take a second here to talk about something completely unrelated to this, but which I was just reminded of by looking at my ass up here. What is the deal with all those Instagram power booty models? How is it possible that so many gals just have HUGE butts?? How many squats a day must they DO!? As a perpetually small booty-ed girl, I just stare in awe and wonderment at them. (I’ve tried to work up a fitness routine and do some squats but I’ve always given up after a few days, lol. The vague wanting to have a hot IG model body is severely outweighed by the wanting to eat more cheese puffs while watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.) Also – Sre there any high profile IG models out there that aren’t white and profiting off black culture/fashion? I mean…. TeenVogue got it right.



Basic bee rain boots from Hunter, but these are the short Chelsea style, so – a little less basic, maybe? Lol, I got these in Montreal in one of those fits that I think (hope, more like) everyone gets – “omg it’s in the window omg it’s on sale omg the last pair is in my size OMG IT’S A SIGN!!!!”


My dad makes fun of how much my brother and I say dude and sometimes he’ll imitate us and go, “Dooooooooood!!” haha. After spending some time in the UK, I have noticed that I say the word an awful lot, but whatever. I’m from California, the homeland of dudes, and I gotta #rep.

File May 26, 15 38 19

Outfit details:

  • sweater – Gap Kids Boys (a gift from my bf!)
  • jeans – Madewell
  • rain boots – Hunter
  • coat – J.Crew crewcuts Boys section
  • bag – & Other Stories

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