spring 10×10 • day 6

It is so blissful getting to wear anything you want and have the whole of your closet available, lemme tell ya. But after a weekend away from this 10×10, we’re back! Onto the last half of this thing –



This blazer is a borrowed-from-my-mom piece! I thank the heavens everyday that my mama and I are around the same size in clothing (sadly her feet are one size bigger than mine), because it means I get to have two closets (!!!) – and, when we go shopping together, I get to slyly encourage her to buy a shirt that I like because I know I’ll get to borrow it in the future, lol.



My mom has a bit of a brooch collection, and this guy was already on the blazer when I pulled it out of her closet. I was actually going to take it off, but then I looked in the mirror again and reconsidered. It looks kinda cool, no? Some people say that the accessories are where style really comes in, and I think that’s interesting to think about. I’m kind of against believing that as a rule though, because – as y’all know if you’ve read any of my outfit posts before – I don’t own many bags or jewelry, so if that’s where style really comes in… then I have no style!!!! And I’d like to think I have at least a smidge of style.


One thing I do not have, though, is a face that is good at posing for the camera.


My choker is from Topshop’s jewelry line – I think it’s called Freedom? I have another black choker, also velvet like this, but a little bit thicker. This one time while I was browsing at Topshop that choker just broke on me. Like, the part that connects the clasp to the choker just kind of fell off, and I freaked out a little and bought this one, in a frenzy of “OMG, I need a black choker in my closet!” I prefer the width of one to that one, but the way this connects and fastens around your neck is kind of weird, in that the jump rings are weird distances apart, so I’m either lowkey being choked or it’s sliding off my neck. Pain is beauty, right!?



Also, I wore lipstick today! I’m not very good at ‘makeup’, just as a whole skill category, but lipstick is the only thing I can do semi-well. I blotted it on super lightly, so you can’t even tell in the full body photos that I have it on lol, but in this gif you kind of can?! Another thing I did today: learned how to make gifs! Photoshop is a thing! That I can kind of do! If anyone is a gif making fiend, please help me figure out how to save my gifs. What the frick does “dither/no dither” mean?? And how many colors should I have??? I’ve done a bajillion Google searches, and I think there are still more ahead of me in figuring out how to save these damn moving wizard pictures….


Outfit details:

  • bodysuit – Brandy Melville
  • jeans – Madewell
  • shoes – Gap
  • blazer – Hobbs via my Mom’s closet
  • choker – Topshop
  • lip color – Colourpop blotted lip in Lolly

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