spring 10×10 • day 7

Day 7! That’s, like, 3/4 of the way through this damned thing, right? I’m waiting anxiously to regain access to my full wardrobe again, but I’m also kind of enjoying how this 10×10 pushes me a bit out of my comfort zone. I never would’ve paired a button-up with these pants, because I assume it would look awful, but I actually like the look of it! So that’s at least one thing this challenge is good at – helping me discover new outfitz~* (in the midst of crying about my lack of shoe choices).



I’m pretty uncomfortable with silhouettes that are kind of loose everywhere; I almost always do a loose on top, skinny on bottom, or vice versa thing. So this outfit is pretty surprising for me, because it’s loose on top and bottom, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I dress to be ‘flattered’ by my clothes. I tend to avoid long/midi skirts and flared pants because I’m so short (5″3, holla at ya girl), but I’ve been thinking lately, like, why? Why am I so set on wearing clothes that are conventionally attractive and ‘flattering’ on my body? Why do my opticians always discourage me from round glasses because I have a round face? Like, fuck that! I guess I’m just bothered with how we as women are always being dictated to in terms of whatever clothing style is most ‘flattering’ to our body type – and ‘flattering’ here mostly just means ‘best able to disguise parts of your body that we deem ugly, as well as best able to create the illusion that you’re the 6’2 Amazonian supermodel that we deem beautiful’. For example, I’ll always be told by magazines that I should wear shorter skirts to create the illusion of longer legs, and I think that people with a straighter body shape (it’s called ‘athletic’ or ‘boy’ or even ‘banana’ by those magazines, I think) are always told to wear ruffles to create the illusion of curves. It feels gross that we’re constantly told to hide our bodies and what they’re truly like, and instead try to make them more palatable to whatever standards are in vogue today.


Is it weird for someone blogging about what clothes they’re wearing to rant a bit about their feminist #feels in regards to beauty standards? Hopefully not! Anyway, liking clothes and caring about civil rights shouldn’t be on some spectrum of enlightened to ignorant – that’s a bastardization of some quote from someone important, but like. Whatever! I feel that quote in my fingers and toes.


I think I mentioned in my last outfit post that I’m bad with makeup, except for kind of lipstick – so here’s another lipstick shot! This is my favorite lip color out of all the lipsticks that I own, and that number is surprisingly high for someone who, you know, doesn’t wear makeup regularly.


Another shitty gif! If anyone knows better about dither/no dither etc etc and is willing to help a poor soul out – PLS!!!! Would be much appreciated.


The last three days of this are comin’ on up, and I for one cannot wait to be back to my full roster of clothing. I’m going to try and overhaul my wardrobe and donate or sell a ton of my shit, so maybe I can pick up some unflattering pieces?

File May 30, 22 05 11

Outfit details:

  • button-up – Muji
  • pants – Topshop
  • shoes – Gap
  • lip color – Maybelline color whisper in Very Berry

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