spring 10×10 • day 8

The last 3 days of the 10×10 are upon us! Hallelujah praise the clothing minimalist lord. Today’s outfit is entirely a product of me being too lazy to shower and then just thinking, “Well, what can I wear that’ll go with my baseball cap?”



This is the answer to that Q! I mentioned in my last outfit post that the loose on top and bottom silhouette is one that I rarely (if ever) go for; today’s outfit is a good example of what I usually gravitate towards. I’m a big high-waisted skinny jean gal, and the loose cropped sweater on top pairs well with that, I think. My jeans are always cuffed because I’m too damn short for them otherwise, but by now I think I’ve conned myself into enjoying the way it looks.


The backwards baseball cap (some people call them dad hats, and that confuses me – do dads have a monopoly on these?? Besides, it seems like hip Instagram girls are wearing them more than dads these days) is a thing that I desperately hope I’m pulling off. Even if I’m not, I’m still going to wear it in the hopes that I can bludgeon you to death before you tell me I’m not pulling it off. And also because it hides my gross unwashed hair sometimes.



This jacket is reversible!!!!! Which is super exciting!!!! I got it at a mall in China, only not a mall like we think of normally in the ~Western world, where the lights are bright white and gleaming and nice ladies offer to rub lotion from the Dead Sea onto your hand. It’s just a big building, kind of dirty and unorganized, and you’re not sure if these stores have names or set prices or what, you just kind of ask and hope they’re telling you the truth and not overselling their stuff because they can tell you’re an outsider and have no idea how to haggle with them like a hardened Chinese grandma would. (Speaking from experience here, my grandparents couldn’t believe the price I got for this; they thought it was far too expensive and berated me for not haggling my ass off.) My friend with whom I was shopping at the time we stumbled across this jacket thought it was super cool when I tried it on, and then when I waffled about getting it, he said he might get it for one of his friends if I didn’t get it… And then I had one of my frenzied “YOU CAN’T HAVE IT IT’S MINE MINE MINE” moments and purchased it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I just noticed the weird lock of hair that’s floating in a strange position. How is it doing that??


I’ll see y’all on Thursday and Friday for the final days of this, and then I’ll have a recap of whatever I learned – and I’m hoping I learned something more than ‘I love my entire shoe wardrobe and miss them all dearly’…

Outfit details:

  • sweater – Urban Outfitters
  • jeans – Madewell
  • shoes – Nike ‘Cortez’
  • jacket – nameless and unremembered boutique in China
  • cap – UC Berkeley tourist shop lol

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