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Oh boy, this is gonna be a monster of a little series – Today we’re gonna start taking a look at all the photos I snapped while living in London from January to June (of 2017), and I’m gonna attempt to give you some tips should you yourself want to take a lil trip to the land of prawn cocktail crisps. I debated making an actual “London – A Guide!” post, and I even started it (it’s sitting in my drafts as we speak), but it was just too damn much and I didn’t feel qualified enough. (This is a discussion for another time, ‘this’ being the pervasive feeling of “not enough” that I am always feeling.) So instead, I bring you a diary of everything I committed to camera memory, plus some commentary and the occasional helpful comment. 🙂 Let’s get into it!



Living in London is, goddamn, so nice. Taking a minute to check my privilege here – I’m from a family where I’ve never particularly had to worry about money (at least, not after I understood that money was a thing to be worried about – when I was little there were money worries, but at that time I was too busy watching Snow White to pay attention), so for the six months I was there we rented a flat in Kensington, right next to the Palace where William and Kate and their little aristocratic cherubs live.



Kensington Gardens connects with Hyde Park to form one massive expanse of green, but the Kensington Gardens side of it is where I most often went for my runs – I did the Couch to 5K program and plodded through it right here! That running plan, by the way, is formulated really well, so me trying and unsuccessfully starting it for the past 4 years is just a character flaw on my part, I think.


The aforementioned Kensington Palace! Now that I think about it, I never did go inside, but I’m not sure that I would’ve wanted to anyway. The British monarchy is, well, you know. What’s it for, really?




Many a squirrel was fed on this path.



A peek of the Albert Memorial!



How cool is that hanging shroud of leaves, man? I always wanted to stop and sit under the bench there, but it would always already be occupied. Ah well.




Albert Memorial from behind. Not too shabby, huh?



Hey I have a cute story here! My little cousin (I think she’s 6?) and my aunt came to visit us in London from China, and here I gave her a penny and told her to donate it and make a wish. So, she whispers the wish into her palm with the coin, and then throws it in and refuses to tell me what it is. At the end of the day, as we’re taking the bus ride home, I’m telling her about how Queen Victoria built all this shit for her husband Albert, who died young, and she was like, “Hey, wanna know what my wish was?” Turns out she wished that everyone in the family would live long happy lives together and we wouldn’t turn out like Victoria and Albert 😭😭


Moving swiftly on, ducks and ducklings! Or are these geese? They are some sort of bird! I know nothing about wildlife.



I think this is closer to Hyde Park, now. There’s a little flower garden off the bike path on the East side, I think.




Holy shit, y’all. Is that a bee there?! I did not even notice that until now.




Not much to say now, these are all just flowers that I enjoyed taking macro shots of l o l






OK I hope that was vaguely enjoyable for you!!


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