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More London photos!! A bit less this time than usual, because my camera battery died on this day… Today we’re heading to get some Korean food at Bibimbap (a restaurant in Soho on 11 Greek St that I REALLY RECOMMEND!!) as well checking out the really big name museums – the National Gallery and the British Museum.


A lovely cloudy day!



The tile mosaic floor is one of my favorite parts of this museum. (I mean, I say ‘one of my favorite parts’ but really every part of the museum is ‘one of my favorite parts’ sooooo….) I think it’s so interesting how it goes unnoticed by a lot of people who just walk over the floor on their way to see a Van Gogh. Not in a shamey ‘I am so much better than you for looking down!’ way, just in a – huh, interesting that happens, what does that mean for human psychology, kind of way. Anyway, the ‘rest and be thankful’ is my favorite part, bc #tru, but it’s really interesting to look at the depictions of different fields of business or study and see how they’re depicted.




This was part of an exhibition for a huge tapestry by Chris Ofili called ‘Weaving Magic’. I am super mad at myself I didn’t get a good picture of the actual tapestry, because it was unreal, but here’s a picture from Google! They had a little room with a film showing the process of creating the tapestry, and I honestly enjoyed watching that more than just the tapestry by itself. I’m always so fascinated by the process of creation, often more than the finished product. It’s easy to look at something and look away after a couple seconds and you think ‘alright, done, it’s a painting of sunflowers’, but I think appreciating the work that goes into that is really important, too – especially when the finished product is so exquisite it looks effortless, like here. When you walk right up to the tapestry and look at it, you can see what looks like a watercolor effect; the wet-on-wet effect where different colors bleed into each other and blend with each other. But that’s not what it is!! It’s not paint!!!! It’s fucking string!!!!! In the video they show the weaving studio in the process of making the tapestry and you see all the thought that goes into it. One woman explains that to get the teal color they wanted for the water, you don’t want to just use one shade of teal for all of it. To make it look less one-dimensional, they combine all these different colors of blue and green and turquoise… and then when the viewer sees it, their eye works to blend those colors together. I can’t think of any way to express astonished enthusiasm about this other than waving my arms about and screaming “ISN’T THIS SO COOL!!!?”


This is the Korean restaurant we went to! My little brother and I were trying to find restaurants to go to so we read through this blog’s London recommendations and picked Bibimbap. A+, would highly rec to a friend, even though we had to wait like half an hour for a table…




One thing about London that I could really do without is the high cost of FOOD. I mean, I get that everything is expensive in London, but food is one thing that really grates on my nerves. (As a tourist, though… I’m sure if I were a resident the #1 thing that I would hate would be high rent.)



Double decker buses!


Our second museum of the day was the British Museum, home to things like the Rosetta Stone and a lot of Egyptian mummies.


The temporary exhibition on ‘the American dream’ looked really interesting, especially as an ~American~ myself, but I couldn’t justify paying to see that when there was so much to see for free first.


Like this! There was a temporary exhibition on watercolors and I went to see it, like, three separate times. I took watercolor painting lessons when I was a kid and it’s the medium I’m most familiar and comfortable with, so seeing watercolor paintings brings me this 😀 that isn’t the same as seeing the oil paintings that are usually on show.


There was an exhibition on Native American indigenous cultures in the neighboring room, too! I rushed through trying to find a bathroom I think, but I snapped this on my way.




I forget what room this is in (isn’t that the way with all museums? Like a fuckin’ Ikea maze, all of them!), but it’s a representation of all the pills and medicines 2 humans – 1 male, 1 female – consume during their lifetime. Really interesting to look at and think about, as well. There are little descriptive plaques to describe the different pills taken and they’re really thought-provoking.



OK that’s the end of this one my dudes! Thanks for reading as always 🙂


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