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Mooooore London pics! Another cloudy day. Not too many photos this day either, because it started pouring – everyone on the street ran for the nearest shop/cafe/whatever and hunkered down until it let up enough to go out and seek more permanent shelter. Ah, London. You and your tempestuous weather.


This is Trafalgar Square, site of many a historic occasion, but also where many baby pictures of me feeding pigeons are set! Chubby bb Max loved to feed/chase/terrorize pigeons, lol.

Anyway, the big thumbs up you see up there is a contemporary art piece by David Shrigley. Trafalgar Square has a four plinths on each corner – plinth, as far as I can tell, is just a fancy architecture word for “big block of stone for a statue/monument to sit on top of” – and three of them have fancy old-timey sculptures of Generals and Admirals and such from Britain’s history. The fourth one was empty for a long ass time. In 1999, the Royal Society of Arts commissioned some sculptures for it and it’s been reserved for art ever since! Shrigley’s thumb is still there, and I think will be until 2018, so you can go see it now if you’re so inclined.



The National Gallery!!!!! I don’t think it was clear in my National Gallery post, but the National Gallery sits in Trafalgar Square. The proximity of all the big landmarks/points of tourist interest makes London so great to visit. You’re not running around like crazy trying to cover everything you want to do, because they’re all right next to each other!


Something I often think about when I’m visiting a big city is how fucking goddamn cool it must be to live there and take phone calls staring up at Nelson’s Column or what have you. I have the same feeling in Paris, watching people picnic by the Seine, and in New York, watching people speed walk past the Flatiron Building.


This photo (and the next 3) I took on my walk to my therapy appointment soooo nothin’ too exciting about that lol. Took a break from museums to cry for a bit and talk about my #depression. Fun timezzzzzzz.





Alright we’re back to being touristy! Regent’s Park is a HUGE ass park – like, it’s so huge, it has the London Zoo in it. I was trying to visit a few spots in London that were a bit off the beaten path, so after some Googling of ~secret London tourist spots~ (what an oxymoron, lol) I decided to make a trip to St John’s Lodge within Regent’s Park! It was a bit tricky to find. It’s located in the Inner Circle of Regent’s Park, and I walked around so much convinced I was on the right track before I finally asked someone pruning the bushes. Anyway! The garden itself is really cute – I think the lodge house is a private residence for some foreign royal family, so that’s obviously off limits.




The flower bushes in Regent’s Park were blooming so nicely too 🙂


Next stop – bookstore!!!! This is Daunt Books in Marylebone. Their specialty is travel books, but they’ve expanded since 1912 to sell other books as well. It’s so nice to be inside. It’s so nice. Oh my god. So. Nice.


On the ground floor, there’s this mural painted around the top of – if I recall correctly – some rabbits in different seasons. Have you ever heard of anything more delightful??



Leaving to bookshop to go to another shop, this one for cloooothes! This is the J.Crew on Regent Street and, like, FUCK! You guys, how is it that J.Crew, an American brand, has its nicest store in London, i.e. not an American city? EH?!?!?!?? For real, I think I’ve been to J.Crew’s in SF, LA, and NY and liiiiike…. London is MILES beyond those. It’s not fair.

OK that said lol, this store is so nice. You don’t even have to already be J.Crew fan to like this store. I’m 100% convinced that a J.Crew hater could walk in and come out A CHANGED PERSON. Sorry, I’m prone to hyperbole, but HONESTLY the J.Crew on Regent St would inspire that in anyone. Fight me on that.


Also Regent Street always has cute little banners hung up. When I left in June, they just changed it to this one – the “London – Everyone welcome” one made me smile in this age of xenophobic anti-immigration we’re living in. 🙂

london 7 sign off


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