london leftovers

So, I lied about 2 things. The first is that I was done posting my London photos from last year. I’m not. I found some more on another memory card. The second is something I said at the beginning of 2018 – I was going to post once a week. Obviously that hasn’t happened!! But I’m gonna keep trying and maybe I’ll hit that goal for the rest of the year?!

Anyway, let’s get into these leftover London pics o’ mine.


If you’ve spent any time at all looking at the Instagrams of fashion bloggers who live in London or have visited, you’ve probably seen photos like this of the flowers outside Liberty London. Well, this is Liberty! It’s a beautiful department store selling beautiful things with vomit-inducing prices, which, yeah, nothing new, but what makes Liberty worth a visit is the architecture of the place! It’s in the style of the Tudors, which makes an interesting departure from other department stores which are more often of the white and bright vibe. My favorite spot was the stationery room, the fabric room, and the housewares section. Weird, right? Like, I didn’t love the shoe section the most but looking at bowls? And I guess I would say that the reason why is you can find a Prada shoe at any old department store!



I didn’t even notice when I took the shot, but the poster that says “strong and stable my arse” above the trash? #Relatable.


THE BEST POTATOES YOU WILL EVER EVER EVER EAT. SEVERAL EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! I love potatoes – they are my favorite food, as I will happily tell anyone who listens, and I’ve had a fair amount over the years. The Potato Project does baked potatoes and they’re really fuckin’ good, but what I mean when I say these are the best potatoes is that even the potato parts that you just eat plain and without the baked potato toppings are delicious. If I were to make a top 3 ‘places you must visit in London’ list, #1 would be the Design Museum, #2 would be the V&A, and #3 would be The Potato Project. It’s so goddamn good, you guys. I went home that day and would not shut up about it. They’re a bit expensive, but everything in London is expensive, and these potatoes are fucking worth it. I’ll personally refund you the difference if you don’t like it. (* I will not. This is not a binding statement.)


OK! After The Potato Project, I scurried off to go to the Tate Modern. It was a very dreary day this day, as you can see.



Honestly, I can’t remember what I did or saw here. I just remember that I liked it all very much, and I especially liked this room, which saw me leave with a free poster! I love art and I think it’s hella important, too, as a tool for cultural change. So this bit was gr8.



I didn’t take very many photos this day, I think because I was toting around that free poster? I don’t really remember why, honestly! All the same, I hope I was successful in convincing you that The Potato Project is the finest gastronomic destination in London.



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