april 🐣 month in review


1. the end is nigh

As in, the end of the spring semester is nigh. And I cannot fucking wait. I need a break!!! I need summer!!! I need to lounge around all day in shorts and wear Birkenstocks 24/7. I’ve just started an internship with a state senator, so I’ve been doing that for the past couple weeks + my 5 classes + my part-time job at a restaurant + you know, living as a human bean andddd my self-care is suffering like mad. By that I don’t mean that I’ve been taking 2 bubble baths a week instead of 6, I mean I’ve gotten so little sleep I’ve felt dangerously sleepy while driving home from school/work/internship/wherever. I need to up my time management and prioritize things that make me function but aren’t fun to do (like doing dishes and keeping the Pile of Clothes on a Chair – we all have that, right? – to a minimum) or else I’m literally going to have a breakdown in the state capitol one day – I don’t think that would be a good political debut. Anyway, we’re in the home stretch! After this week I have two more weeks and then summer will be upon me. (I’ll be taking summer classes, so it’s not really a true unbridled summer of hedonism, but you know.)

2. things i liked that u cannot touch

The Story of StuffConsumerism, our beloved American way of life, is literally the shittiest thing ever. We watched this video in my environmental biology class and I think it sums up why in a really informative yet accessible way, and I especially loved the quote she mentioned from Victor Lebow, from his 1955 essay in the Journal of Retailing, which shows how we’ve been duped into our consumerist mindset by marketers and businessmen who care about $$$ more than us –

“Our enormously productive economy demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfactions, our ego satisfactions in consumption. The measure of social status, of social acceptances, of prestige, is now to be found in our consumptive patterns. The very meaning and significance of our lives today expressed in consumptive terms.

The section about converting the buying and use of goods into rituals hit me especially hard because that’s everywhere, especially in the fashion/beauty world which I pay so much attention to. It’s pretty much a prerequisite – all those hauls and monthly favorites by bloggers equal so much trash, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. We look at shopping like therapy and it’s become a ritualized and elevated practice, and we haven’t done that to ourselves! We’ve been duped into thinking that way so ~big business~ can profit. I’ve been trying to reduce my shopping habits and waste habits, so I’ll definitely be returning to this video when I feel myself weakening.

Lizzy Hadfield from Shot From The StreetLizzy is, I can comfortably say, my favorite fashion blogger right now. She fulfills the aspirational while still being within reach, and her style is so fucking up my alley with all the blazers and coats. (I just wish she was a bit shorter so I could copy and paste outfits onto my short body lol.) I love that she tries to keep her content fresh, like with this Instagram post – it’s hard to set yourself apart in the oversaturated fashion blogger world but she does it seemingly effortlessly.

Retro [Rough] by Childish GambinoOnce again, I have become an insatiable fan of a song that came out like 4 years ago. This time it’s this one by Childish Gambino. I can’t stop listening to ittttttt

3. things i liked that u can touch with ur danged flesh and this month they’re all british snacks

McVitie’s GingerNutsI meant to take a photo and insert them here but I finished the package. I couldn’t hold myself off. They’re too good.

Monster Munch (Pickled Onion flavor)These sound a bit gross and they look pretty weird and your breath will smell awful as well as your fingers but it’s entirely worth it. You could give me all the onions in the world and I still would not be satisfied.

Mini CheddarsThese are better than Cheez-It’s and they’re better than Goldfish and I’m willing to fight to defend their honor.

4. the earth is dying and we are why

April 22nd was Earth Day. What better time than the present to remember we’re slowly killing our home planet? We have a garbage patch floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we’re burning fossil fuels at a preposterous rate, our industrial agriculture systems use water so fucking inefficiently, and I could literally list a billion more things that make me want to cry all the time and/or become a militant environmentalist (basically Erik Killmonger but for the Earth). The environmental biology class I’m taking has really helped me be more informed and aware of all the shit we humans are doing and think about what we owe to the Earth (smol Good Place philosophy reference, holla) – so basically it’s helped ruin everything for me! Haha, in all seriousness though, I’m glad. It’s a bit of a pain to not be able to blithely buy plastic water bottles anymore, but my ignorant bliss is so unimportant compared to the Earth we live on and the animals and plants that live on it, including us dumb humans.

Global Footprint Network measures your personal Ecological Footprint (basically your impact on the Earth, tracked through how much resources you’re using) as well as providing info on countries and cities across the world. It’s really informative and a lovely minimal design, which always helps the info get across better.

Cool California is pretty California-centric, but what I really appreciated was the carbon footprint calculator tool, which gives you suggestions for how to reduce your impact. It takes info from you about your household (like how much electricity you use and how much meat you eat) to give you your carbon footprint and at the end provides lists of possible ways you can be nicer to our Earth, which could be as expensive/big as buying an electric vehicle or as small as using different light bulbs. It even shows the upfront cost and then how much money that would save you in the long run (so for example, the upfront cost of buying a light bulb might be $3, and over time using that instead of a less efficient light bulb would save you $92 or whatever), which gives a concrete monetary cost for an environmental impact that can’t really be easily quantified. The economic bottom line helps convince people who don’t cry thinking about polar bears dying like I do, too.

Sorry for getting a bit sad and doomsday-ish, but like…. it’s rl, y’all. We’re killing the Earth, and because the Earth is our home, we’re killing ourselves and each other while we’re at it. 😦

5. snaps from the camera roll


After I got home from spring break in SoCal, I filled out my planner with some doodles of what we did! I’m trying to work more doodling/art into my notebooks, including my planner, but I feel so much pressure and fear of making something ugly that it’s hard to put pen to paper. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This was me writing my anthropology semester paper with Luna cheering me on! I think she was angry because the laptop was on my legs so she couldn’t be on my legs.


Lolli & Pops aka a store with a generous sampling policy that I have taken advantage of and am so so grateful for.


A meme my boyfriend sent me about anthropology and its colonial origins – complete with citations!!!!!


A follow-up meme my boyfriend sent me the next day about Appa in Avatar: The Last Airbender, lol. So hashtag grateful for him (and his meme repository).


Luna’s been doing this thing where she reaches up for the towel hanging on the rack, pulls it down, and then sits underneath it. Why does she do this? Is it fun? Is it a DIY blanket? Does she like to cause havoc for my freshly laundered towels? Is it a ritual? Who knows!


I’ve been playing the Harry Potter game and fuuuuuuck I hate that I’m so into it. I have 2 very big points of contention though:

  1. OF ALL THE CHARACTERS, you put SNAPE on the app icon?????? I seriously detest giving valuable space on my phone to a picture of that slimy old geezer.
  2. OF ALL THE VOICE ACTORS, you picked this random lady to do McGonagall????? (I’m thinking of the opening intro sequence where the voice that sounds vaguely British tells you you’ve been accepted to Hogwarts.) Literally you could’ve gone into any old Scottish grocery store, plucked out a lady, and told her to read the lines. And that would’ve been better!!!! I mean, my god. Is this what we’ve come to? Maggie Smith is crying somewhere and she doesn’t know why.


Sushi buffet. I hate sushi, because I hate raw fish, so I took this photo there while my family was eating and I was grousing about not eating.

That’s it for April! Here’s hoping May is good to us and that the third week of May (aka finals week for me) is especially good to me.



3 thoughts on “april 🐣 month in review

  1. i’m taking summer classes too, so i feel that feel. i really…oh boy, i really feel like we should be friends. there’s just a lot about your brain and the stuff it produces that makes me go, “friend! friend? friend.” have a lovely rest of the semester and good luck!


    • re: south africa, i’m writing a paper on the imperialism/colonialism of great britain in south africa for my international relations class and i’m so behind on it and i just want to put “colonialism suxx” in 72pt font and call it a day

      re: friend! friend? um the answer is FRIEND. one day we’re gonna friend irl, ok??

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