socal 🌴 spring break photo diary (pt. 1 of 2)

Another day, another severely belated travel diary! Spring semester ended for me a few days ago, but during spring break (so at the end of March) I went to visit my best frond in SoCal, where she goes to sk00l with Peter the Anteater at UC Irvine. I stayed with her and her boyfriend (and their lovely dog) and we had a good few days of hangin’ out, art museum-ing, and eating lots of food, all of which are so so so nice any time but even nicer for ~long distance friendships~* like ours.

These photos are from the day we went to Laguna Beach, which you may know from esteemed reality TV show starlet turned lifestyle guru/Something Corporate bassist’s wife Lauren Conrad’s host of TV shows. Or at least that’s how I know of the city, lol. We started off at the Laguna Art Museum, then had lunch at Urth Caffé and had a long walk by the beach terrorizing anemones. (In our defense, we didn’t realize they were anemones. We didn’t know what the fuck they were, as the most marine education we have had is from Finding Dory.)

laguna (1 of 31)

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Laguna Beach has an art museum, which was $5 entry for students but PRICELESS FOR CULTURAL IMPACT. Just kidding I think pricey art museums are bullshit and another way the bourgeoisie keeps lower classes down by depriving them of intellectual stimulation. Not to get all heavy and Marxist on ya ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Anyway I never turn down an art museum! The exhibition they had going on right then was on Tony DeLap, who is LITERALLY LIKE 90 YEARS OLD NOW AND STILL KICKIN’. I mean, what a legend. Lol, DeLap was one of UC Irvine’s founding art professors and his work focuses on abstract sculpture and minimalism.

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A lot of abstract/contemporary is very befuddling to everyone, including me, a self-proclaimed art luvr. It’s like, what is this red block? What does it mean? Why?? An article I read forever ago and keep going back to and foist upon anyone who listens to me for more than two seconds is this one from Salon, which describes abstract art and how it interacts with our brains from the perspective of a neuroscientist and his research. Basically, abstract art forces our brains to work in a different way than we’re used to and that’s why it bothers most people – super interesting and eye-opening and everyone should read the whole damn thing.

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As an example of how abstract art makes no sense, this glass and wood thing was called “The Sleeping Lady”.

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Loved this room with his process sketches. As previously noted, I love seeing all the work that goes into making a finished, final piece.

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Ooooh shadowz.

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This was his collection from Paris, where he took postcards and I guess popped in some stuff that didn’t belong? So here, the red box on the unfinished Eiffel Tower is obviously not there IRL.

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After a good chunk of time there, we headed out to Urth Caffé across the street, which I recognize from the Instagram geotags of SoCal basic bees.

laguna (18 of 31)

We sat on the patio for lunch, and I completely forgot to take a photo even though I meant to because I dug right in and inhaled all my food. I got the combo special, which got me a bowl of veggie chili, a sandwich, and bread. The portions were pretty hefty and I ate the whole thing, so we headed to the beach to walk it off.

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I have nothing to say about the beach other than it was pretty and there were lots of dogs and I wished I could steal all the dogs for myself.

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This was funny to my cold black heart.

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Today in “where in the world are Max’s Birkenstocks?” – some rocks.

laguna (29 of 31)

OK y’all, that brings us to the end of our day in Laguna Beach! I’ll be back next time with our day in LA, when we went to the Broad and gorged ourselves on more art and food. As always, thankz 4 readin’~



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