may ☀️ month in review

It’s that time of the month again! Not as in the colloquialism we commonly use for periods, although that is also true – my period usually falls right about the beginning of the month – but the time for a month in review blawg post. May brought me to the end of the spring semester and to the beginning of SUMMER! Or at least, the few weeks of no classes I have until my summer classes start.


1. i’m exhausted!

May was the end of my spring semester and oh my god I was/am so goddamn tired. I think I am experiencing, what do the kids call it, “burn out”. Or perhaps it’s one word, “burnout”? Idk. Anyway, I did it, I burned myself out. I mean, I’ve been napping like crazy the past couple weeks and last night I slept for, like, 14 hours, dudes. I’m sort of confused about it, because I feel like I should feel more energized, what with being out of school and everything, but in hindsight I took terrible care of myself and it all caught up with me as soon as I exhaled into summer. I’m going to try and ask for some days off work/interning and just rest, but I also need to just take care of myself all the time and make that a non-negotiable thing in my life. Like, getting enough sleep, eating good food, exercising and being active, meditating…. all things I should really do and not in a bougie wine mom hobby kind of way but in a “I really need to do this or else I will feel like shit” kind of way. Fun times realizing you’re burning the candle at both ends and not living sustainably, eh!?!?!??!?????

2. the met gala

The first Monday of May brought us, of course, the Met Gala!! The last time I did a lil ~red carpet review~* was a couple months ago for the Grammys/Golden Globes, and once again no one asked for my thoughts, but I’m gonna give them anyway. For this event, the thing I despise the most is when people show up looking like they’re going to junior prom like Emma Roberts did last year. I mean, you’ve been given an invitation to come to this amazing event, to get an advance viewing of the Costume Institute’s annual exhibition, to wear something crazy and themed, and you squander it on…this? You could have just bought a Comme des Garçons outfit, it wasn’t that hard, Emma. OK, that’s enough venting about my general frustration vis-à-vis celebrities and the Met Ball lol let’s move on


Blake Lively (in Atelier Versace + all the other wonderful things she has on her body) is that girl in high school who is gorgeous and talented and popular and yet is also the sweetest, nicest, funniest person.


Obviously the best dressed man – Chadwick Boseman in Versace. Honorable mention to Donald Glover with that back of the suit action.


OK, so I obviously am running with this high school analogy, but this’ll be the last thing I say regarding that lol – if this were fashion prom, these 2 groups would be the most fun groups at the big house party afterwards. I want to talk boys with Troye and I want Ariana to tell me all about Pete Davidson and I want Hailey to do my makeup and Shawn can like sing or something while she does that. I don’t even need to explain why Migos would be fun, right?

(Troye Sivan in Valentino; Ariana Grande in Vera Wang; Hailey Baldwin in Tommy Hilfiger; Shawn Mendes in Tommy Hilfiger – Migos in Versace)



I like sparkly things.

(Stella Maxwell in Versace; Rihanna in Maison Margiela by John Galliano; Evan Rachel Wood in Altuzarra)



Best Overall: Lily Collins’ whole makeup look was my jam and I also think she had the best halo of the night.

Best Anna Wintour Earrings: Keltie Knight, who I honestly only know of because she’s friends with Jac Vanek (scene queen who used to make those rubber bracelets all the emo dreamboats wore), wore these amaaaaazing Anna Wintour earrings. They were handmade by Courtney Prince and Keltie’s gown, by Paolo Sebastian, is also a stunner.

Best Bedazzled Eyebrows: Cynthia Erivo, the eyebrow equivalent of a mic drop



Party City Halloween Ho But Make it Fa$hun: Taylor Hill in Diane von Furstenberg

Most Disappointing: Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton. I mean, idk what happened with Emma! I loved her a few awards seasons ago! Remember that 2 piece pink look?! I pray every day that she might return to those glory days.

Most Consistently Disappointing: Hailee Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung. I’m not sure why I’m still disappointed with this one. I should just expect to be disappointed.



I mean, can you push the envelope more, you guys?!? Holy shit. See also: the bajillion other male celebs who also wore boring. ass. shit.

3. favorites



Glossier packaging: Yes, very groundbreaking, yet another Gen Z-er (I think I’m a Gen Z-er, not a millennial? Not entirely sure) here to tell you how cute Glossier packaging is. WELL I’M HERE AND I’M DOING IT. I got Boy Brow in black and Lash Slick also in black (that’s the only color it comes in as of now) and, I mean, they’re not ~life-changing~, but I love stickers and this font and all their branding and most of their ethos and I had a fun lil photoshoot when the box came in the mail. I will say that Lash Slick is very impressive so far – all the mascara I’ve tried has smudged on me, and this one hasn’t! It also removes really easily with warm water. Granted, I haven’t tried a ton of mascaras, but I’ve tried a few high-end ones (none waterproof) and a lot of drugstore ones (most waterproof) and they’ve all smudged/flaked after a few hours and required a lot of elbow grease to get off. So, liking Lash Slick a lot so far! Boy Brow is cool too, but I’m not sure why all the hype? I mean, for the amount people rave about it, you’d think it would tweeze your eyebrows perfectly and sing to you at night or something.

Together Alone: the Epidemic of Gay Loneliness by Michael Hobbes: This is a long read and a good read. It’s a sad read too. This is an article about the minority stress gay men experience and how it impacts their health. It’s something I haven’t given much thought to, not being a gay man myself or having any gay friends (this is not so much because I don’t have friends who are gay but because I don’t have a ton of friends, period), and so was a very eye-opening read for me. I did take issue with a couple parts where he said the minority stress gay men experience is worse than other minorities because it’s invisible, because oppression isn’t a competition and I would hope we can help everyone instead of pitting ourselves against each other. But I thought Hobbes’ piece was otherwise great, and the humor made the sad parts all the more heart-wrenching.

John Mulaney’s SNL episode: I’m going to put myself behind a very strong statement right now and I want you to know before I say it that this is a BIG DEAL because I really enjoy nuance and am always like “well, let me explain more and give some caveats and qualifiers to this stance” but I don’t want to do that here. OK, here goes – this was the funniest SNL episode I have ever seen. It’s a big statement, right!? Anyway, I laughed with every single segment on this episode and I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe and had to pause at least four times. Highly rec. (We watched it on Hulu.)

4. non-favorites

Workwear: I’m a good 6 weeks in at my internship, and my god do I hate business work wear. It is very boring and very expensive. The perils of working in politics, I suppose. As well as all the other things like resisting the Mitch McConnells of the world.

White male workers respond poorly to women and racial minorities in power and take it out on colleagues from Newsweek: Shocking news!!! White men do not like not being in power!!!!! To me, these things are always like, is this news? But it’s always helpful as Proof and Evidence to people who just don’t believe in racism and male entitlement and all that good stuff.

5. et cetera


One of the few times Luna has looked at me like she loves me, immortalized forever in pixels 😭😭


On my never-ending list of things to do: maintain an Instagram account for my cat and GROW HER FOLLOWING!!!!


@commentsbycelebs is a new Instagram account I’ve started following and I love it.


Been taking some walks with my parents in our town’s arboretum. We’re so lucky to live in a place with this much greenery and bb ducklings!


A meme my bf sent me that is really really really true. I feel personally attacked.


I saw a little girl wearing a grey cardigan with pompoms all over it at the restaurant I work at and spent, like, two hours trying to pep talk myself up to asking her parents where they got it. And eventually I asked her mom and she told me Hanna Andersson, so I promptly Googled it on my phone and died and ascended to heaven. I mean, look at this tank top!!!! It’s a cat!! Wearing flippers!!!!! And shades!!!!!! Holding a slice of watermelon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never have I been so glad to have not grown an inch since I was twelve.


Luna laying in a weird position, nothing new.Untitled
Graduation! Fun fact – did u kno that sleeve shapes all have a meaning?? Like a bachelor’s gown would have a different sleeve than a master’s or a PhD!!! This is the sort of info you retain when you wait for your friend to come out for like 2 hours and you just read the program ten times while you’re waiting.

Here’s hoping I’ll have more energy and be more healthy in the coming month. Thanks 4 reading if anyone’s here as alwayz



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