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what’s in my bag 🤓 school edition

I think anyone who says they don’t enjoy “what’s in my bag” or “what apps are on my phone” videos/posts are either lying or part of the robot army. How can you not be interested in that shit? I literally want to know everything about everyone. Like, what’s in your fridge? What’s your favorite brand of ketchup? Do you even buy ketchup?? Is your fridge organized??? What size milk do you buy????? WOULD LOVE TO KNOW.

Which is all to say, I’m a Stage 5 Nosy Person. I’m also a little bit of an oversharer – which shouldn’t be all that surprising, right? No one who has a blog is that concerned about keeping everything to themselves.

So in that vein, today I’m sharing what I carry in my bag every day for school!

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The backpack I use is the Herschel Little America backpack – I have it in the grey/tan colorway and I’m mostly sure I have the bigger one, so not the mid-volume size. It retails for like $100, but I got mine secondhand from Poshmark for $60. Not much to say about it, it works like a backpack should lol. I have a North Face backpack as well, and I actually thought I would like that one more because it has so many pockets (and ya girl loves a shit ton of pockets), but I don’t use it because it’s bright turquoise and very sporty looking. This is me trying to say “I use my Herschel instead of my North Face bc of the fashun” in a way that makes it sound less ridiculous.

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On the little front pocket, I have some pins! At some point while I was in London, I decided I wanted to be one of those cool hip people with pins all over their denim jacket. So I set out to collect some pins, and then I put them on my denim jacket, and it looked awful. At some point this semester I had the bright idea to put them on my backpack instead of sitting in dust, and here we are! The Harry Potter pin I got from my boyfriend for Christmas the year before last. He got it from a local bookstore, but after some Googling I have discovered it is from Jane Mount, whose Etsy store is a LITERAL DREAM. Like books? Like illustrations? Like happiness, because that’s what those two things are? YOU’LL LOVE HER WORK!!!! The ‘revolution’ and smiley face buttons I got from the Design Museum in London, which I’ve gushed over already but will happily do so again. They just got named European Museum of the Year for 2018! So deserved! Everybody go! I got my pins during their exhibition on Soviet propaganda, and I like to think of them as reminders of things that are very important to me – laughing a lot and resisting oppression/gross policies! The fries pin is from the Next kids section, and it was my consolation buy because I couldn’t justify buying the sparkly shoes I really wanted that day.
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front pocket

Inside my pin pocket I keep my wallet, which is a coin purse from kikki.K, my keys, and my phone charger. Riveting stuff!
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interior front pockets

On the sides of my backpack, there are 2 handy lil pockets. On one side I keep a wireless mouse from Amazon, because I’m probably gonna get carpal tunnel and I’m hoping this staves it off for a few more years (as opposed to using my laptop trackpad all the time), and on the other side I have some kind of emergency snack, usually a CLIF bar or a Rice Krispie Treat. It’s my version of Paddington Bear’s emergency marmalade sandwich in his hat.

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The main thing I carry is my laptop, which is a 13-inch MacBook Pro from 2012. It’s very heavy (my boss when I asked him to hand me my bag the other day was like, “What do you have in here? A brick??” and I said “No, just a very old laptop.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and a bit slow to boot up, but I’m gonna use it until it gives out and doesn’t work at all anymore. I’ll probably get a Microsoft laptop when that happens, because I don’t like the new MacBook keyboards. I also bring my laptop charger with me everywhere, because as previously mentioned, my laptop is a baby dinosaur and stays alive for like 3 hours if it’s not plugged in, which doesn’t work if I’m out from 9 to 5. I keep two or three notebooks depending on my needs that day – I use a different color notebook for each class, so I just bring the ones for the classes I have on whatever day + an extra one if I want to work on that. I stole a folder from my mom’s office and I store all the papers and handouts I get in it. It’s really unorganized, but I try and scan it into Evernote when I get home and recycle it, or just throw it away if it’s an in-class reading and I don’t need it. (More realistically, I just put it in a big pile on top of my desk and chuck it all in the bin at the end of the semester.)Untitled

My planner comes with me, of course. I use a Passion Planner in the academic setting (so it runs from August to July) and the compact size. I really like it, because before I was bullet journaling and that takes a lot of time lol. I just ordered my planner for next year, but they switched the size to B5 instead of offering the two choices of A5 (compact) or A4 (classic), so we’ll see how that goes. I bring two little pouches with me – one is my pencil case, the Sun-Star Delde slide pouch from JetPens, and the other one is just a little zip pouch with a bike on the front, and I have no idea where I got that from. The pencil case contains stationery, as you may have guessed, and the bike pouch I use to keep all the other little things I want with me throughout a day at school – earphones, lip balm, my birth control pills, a tampon, hand cream, a flash drive, band aids, ET CETERA!

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water bottle + textbook

The last few things I bring are my water bottle and perhaps a textbook. The textbook is optional, because they’re all fucking heavy as hell and I don’t need two bricks in my backpack – but if I really need to get something done, and I know that the library reserves only have, like, one copy and it’s always out, I’ll kill my back and bring it with me. The things we do to learn!!

My water bottle is non-negotiable and I’ll feel naked the whole day if I forget it for some reason. I have the 750ml Eddy from Camelbak, which is the one with that cool leakproof bite valve straw thing, and it’s really great, if you’re on top of cleaning it – if you’re not, gross moldy gunk builds up in the mouthpiece. So keep an eye out for that lol! I keep a carabiner on the top loop of my backpack to clip it to, but I never really use it because it’s always in my hand or on the desk… I love water!! I love water bottles!!!

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OK my doodz thanks for reading if you made it this far! I can’t be the only one interested in what random people do lmao



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