dali again πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ china travel diary (pt. 5 of 8)

Hey friends, I’m back! And we’re almost done with my China photos from this summer! Today we’re still in 倧理 (Da Li), and we’re gonna start off with a bunch of photos of our hotel ~

I think I had plenty of time for hotel photos bc my mom did that mom thing where she yells at everyone to get ready right this second we are late and everyone else is waiting and then when we’re ready, she isn’t for another fifteen minutes. Is this a My Mom thing or a Chinese Mom thing or an All Mom thing? Lmk, it’s an epidemic.

I mentioned last time that my grandpa is part of the Bai ethnic minority in China, and this hotel is an example of Bai architecture! η™½ (bai) is the word for white, so obviously that color’s very present here.

Off to breakfast! My aunt and uncle wanted to show us this regional specialty called er si (ι₯΅δΈ), which is a kind of rice noodle. The Yunnan province is famous for its rice noodles in general, but er si is thicker and chewier than regular rice noodles.

The noodles come in a standard broth with various cuts of meat, and then you get to choose what toppings you want from 14(ish) pots full of things like cilantro, spring onion, tomatoes, and like 92 different hot sauces because this province thinks food that doesn’t make you cry from spiciness is no food at all.

My bowl is at the left corner, and is the one with the chopsticks pointing right. So you can see I enjoyed my breakfast! I really dislike eggs, so I dislike most Western breakfast items and am a big fan of dinner leftovers for breakfast or dinner items (like noodles) first thing in the morn. I know some people really love breakfast, but I mean – eggs and greasy sausages every single day forever?? Milk and cornflakes every day until you die???

After breakfast we drove to the mountains to visit the graves of my other paternal great grandparents. They’re also buried in the mountains and it was a bit of an ordeal getting there because we couldn’t remember where the graves were – think how hard it would be to remember a specific patch of dirt on a hiking trail and then which way to turn there to get to your ancestral graves! But we made it in the end, and it was pretty wild to see a whole row of gravestones in the mountains. We paid our respects with some burning and bowing to them there (if there’s a Chinese person out there who can tell me a better way to describe this, let me know lol), and then headed down.

Finally, dinner at a restaurant that ended up making my stomach not so happy… but with this lovely art in the parking lot!

I really enjoy the little stone lions at entrances, and like to imagine they’re guardian cats. If I’m ever an eccentric billionaire, I’d like to have statues of my Luna by every door.

I love Kung Fu Panda and Chinese instant noodles (they taste much better than American ones; they come with, like, 4 packets of different sauces!!), so here is a photo of the collab of my dreamz. Didn’t end up buying bc I don’t like the pickled flavor 😦

Thanks 4 reading guys!!


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