lijiang πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ china travel diary

We are almost done! Truth be told, I’ve been a bit sick recently so stuck at home with time to edit photos and whatnot lol. Today we’re going to Lijiang (丽江), a city in the northwest of Yunnan province, to look at the historic Old Town area. Like any good day, we start with a couple bags of chips in the car.

We had a meal (lunch? Breakfast? How do I remember timelines almost a year afterwards?) at this place on the side of the freeway, where we had chicken soup. I wish I could tell you more about it because it was delicious and there was some kind of special method for cooking it but, alas, memory does not serve me as well as it did in my youth.

A China Mobile shop near our hotel! The Naxi ethnic minority lives in this area, so you can see their language on a lot of signs – like here, the smaller characters underneath the Chinese ζ‰‹ζœΊ words show the Naxi language translation.

And here we are at the Old Town – my uncle works in the tourism industry, and this city is a really big spot for tourists (mostly Han Chinese, not international, I think) after having been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Frogs, according to my uncle our tour guide, are important to the Naxi people because they’re…resilient and strong? Do not remember, pls take all info with several hundred grains of salt.

My brother and I tried bubble waffles for the first time here! When we were in London, there was a bubble waffle place on the corner of Chinatown that we would always pass and think about going into but never did because of the huge lines that were always there. So we are late to the trendy food party and it is indeed fun to eat, and fluffier than regular waffles.

We walked around Old Town going in and out of buildings and shops. These are some signs showing the Naxi language, which a nice old man started explaining to my dad and I.

You can’t super see, but this picture on the right has one of those stone lions that sit outside buildings and there is a BABY LION BREASTFEEDING. This is the interior decor of my dreams.

Bugs for BBQ!!!!! I know insects are a really good thing to eat for sustainability and health reasons, but god, they are crunchy and creepy. This one time I had to eat some maggots (I think?) at dinner, as it was a local delicacy and it would have been rude to refuse, and it was awful. I fully acknowledge this is purely a product of my own mental hang ups (perhaps to be expected considering the amount of anxiety I have about regular everyday things), and I am massively in awe of people who do eat it.

More in our ongoing series of great bilingual signs, lol: this one says “civilized behavior of tourists is another bright scenery rational shopping”. + our lunch that day, which we ate overlooking a lil stream while I indulged in some good ol’ HUJI self-timer narcissism.

I thought this yellow shirt for a two-year-old was the cuuuuutest and wanted the outfits desperately for myself.

A paper shop! It’s drying here, and they had all sorts of handmade notebooks with that eco kind of paper, as well as a personalization station with stamps and pens and a musher (?? vocabulary??) for you to try your hand at mushing (again, vocabulary????) up your own paper mulch.

For dinner that night we went to a restaurant back in the city with this lovely painting on the wall. A huge storm started halfway through and all the power went out so we finished our meal with the help of phones and cameras before wading through flooded streets back to the hotel. I guess this area would be kind of a subtropical climate, so I think they experience flooding during that time of the year. My aunt’s car got ruined a few years ago because the flood waters were so high they submerged the entire parking lot – crazy to think about to me, living in dry California.

Thanks for bein’ here dudes! We’ll see you next time for our final China post and then I have no idea when I’ll be back again 😦


2 thoughts on “lijiang πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ china travel diary

  1. Wow this was really insightful! Thank you. That is so interesting that mainly the Han visit here. I plan on travelling here when I go back to China next so I am going to keep this post saved.

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    • Thanks Sarah! I hope you have a good time in Lijiang, it’s beautiful there ☺️ I saw a few white people who were obviously laowai, but that was all – I was surprised bc I know some laowai friends I had while studying in China liked to go to Lijiang, Dali, Shangri-la, etc on holidays.

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