may, 2021

1. who knows honestly

Full transparency, it’s June 10 and I’m just now starting this blog post. I usually try to start these in the middle of the month it’s for, so even if I finish it late (which I usually do), I’ve already recorded a bit about what I’m feeling, doing, thinking, and it’s enough to get me going if I come back to it later. No such luck this time! I’m finishing this on June 20! What did I do during May? Have fun? Have a breakdown? It’s all a guess to me, but from what I’m piecing together from my journal and calendar, it’s something in between. In May I started hanging out with people outside my household again, which was lovely! I’ve had my boyfriend and my brother as my main social company for over a year now, so it’s been nice to see friends not in a small FaceTime screen on my phone and go to restaurants and whatnot with them. We also took a little trip to LA, and it was my last full month of undergrad!

2. i’m a critic of life, here are my reviews

Crash Landing On You: The first K-drama I’ve watched! I think I’m lucky it was this one. I stumbled across this and thought the blurb sounded ridiculous, so when we watched the first episode I felt more like heckling it than proclaiming my adoration. But, oh, how the turns table. A South Korean woman (think rich boss lady, CEO, founder of a fancy fashion/makeup/perhaps more it’s unclear company) is paragliding, and crash lands in the DMZ with North Korea. She’s found by a North Korean soldier, who hides her and helps her get back to the South. There’s a lot of very funny hijinks, to be sure — “oh no, we have to kiss” — but it also gets quite serious and deep with some mental health, suicidal ideation, and a truly awful family with lots of childhood trauma. It has the best side characters rounding out a brilliant found family gang, and a side romance which took me completely by surprise. Like, disliked these two characters and then was completely pulling for them in the end. Overall, a complete and utter cheese fest, of the best gourmet selection. The lead couple is even dating in real life now! Love is real, and this show proves it. 5 out of 5.

Lululemon Align tank top: For my birthday my boyfriend got me some Lululemon leggings that would not make it past my thighs, so at the beginning of May I used the store credit from that to buy a pair of leggings and bike shorts. Those are both very nice, but what I want to talk about is the Align tank top which randomly caught my eye and I ended up buying it as well. I got it in this pale blue color, the kind which I’m constitutionally incapable of saying no to (I feel like one of those odd people you see on Facebook ads, who only wear and decorate their house in one specific color), and I’ve worn it multiple times each week since. Very comfortable, the built-in bra is a great move for the ol’ boobs, very versatile, an unexpected perfect match. It’s mentally a bit difficult for me to buy expensive activewear/loungewear, I always feel like I’m wasting money and I don’t need or deserve it, but I’m glad I’m working past it. 4 out of 5, only because I wish it were less expensive!

Uniqlo AIRism face masks: These face masks seemed promising (Simple! Light! Black!), but they don’t fit great on my face – so maybe this is user error and you should take this review with a grain of salt. I got a size medium, which was their recommendation for the average woman’s face, but maybe I should’ve done the kid’s size and gotten a small? Since it’s a bit big, the mask puffs up when I exhale and then sucks in when I inhale, so the fabric goes right into my nose and makes it hard to breathe. I had hoped it would be a good walking/exercising mask because of the whole lightweight thing, and it’s not really that at all. Fine for a quick trip to the shops though. 2 out of 5.

3. watch history + a very small reading list i truly don’t know how to record a history of stuff read

Why We Speak More Weirdly at Home by Kathryn Hymes for The Atlantic

Who Should John Mulaney Be Now? by Jesse David Fox for Vulture

4. camera roll

5. bye it’s too late i want to publish this

See you in a more timely fashion for June!


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