june, 2021

1. ~one degree hotter~, still waiting for my doubtless legions of admirers to come forward

In June, I graduated from college. I had finals week the second week of June, which was a big slog. I did – well, not the absolute bare minimum, but the minimum amount of work I’ve ever done in my whole undergraduate career. Readings? I don’t know them. I went down to LA to do the whole graduation thing, and I’m actually really glad I did that. The last time I did a walking graduation thing was after high school, and I don’t remember enjoying that very much. (Perhaps unsurprising, given my general mental state and relationship with high school staff.) I didn’t walk when I graduated community college, and I didn’t think I would this time around either, because I didn’t think that symbolic walk meant too much in the long run. And, well, it still doesn’t super mean that much, but I think I’m realizing that in the past I perhaps haven’t let myself celebrate my wins and have been uncomfortable feeling such a degree of earnest joy. So I’m glad I went and got to walk around campus in a way that felt like “the last time” — and know it was good, and that it was goodbye. I’m trying really hard to be proud of myself and be grateful for the people, experiences, and growth that have come my way. Now I’m trying to trust that I’ll navigate this inflection point in my life just fine. Probably something cool will come up next, but it’s OK if not, and whatever happens, I’ll just keep following what feels good and learning how to take better care of myself, those around me, and my home on this big hunk of rock. That’s been June, really: taking the time to breathe now that I have the time to slow down a little more, trying to remind myself of all these things.

2. reviews

Love Is War: This is the show that Toradora wishes it could be!!! A very silly premise: a boy and a girl in high school both like each other, but are unwilling to say so and want to make the other confess their feelings first – hijinks ensue. But it’s so good. The set-up feels a bit silly at first, but you quickly get on board with seeing who can convince the other one to ask for their social media handle first. The characters are silly and sweet but well-rounded with history and baggage that feels real (“this girl has some issues because she learned some bad lessons in her home environment, maybe she’ll work through them” vs. Toradora’s “this girl is an utter asshole, but look, it’s because her father is also an asshole and isn’t it cute hehe”). The side characters are cream of the crop side characters, and the Yu-focused episode killed and then resurrected my little heart. And the theme songs! I cannot stop listening to them and attempting to sing along. On the edge of my seat for season three. 5 out of 5.

Old Navy cloth pleated face masks: My favorite everyday face mask has been found! These are pleated, so they fold open quite large and because of that they sit very comfortably and high up on my face and don’t fog up when I wear glasses. Since they go up so high and I don’t have much of a nose bridge, I think the lack of glasses fog is mostly because they can sit pretty flat on my face at that point. The patterns are very cute (a blue and yellow paisley, I mean…), the ear loops have little rubber stoppers (what is the technical term for these??) to make them fit better, and it’s the most comfortable mask to wear when walking or breathing. 5 out of 5!

McDonald’s BTS meal: The BTS meal at McDonald’s was chicken nuggets with two special sauces, sweet chili and Cajun, and then fries and a Coke. The Cajun sauce was not great. A bit too mustard-y, if you ask me. The sweet chili sauce was delicious! A bit too sweet, if you ask other members of my household, but this is not other members of my household’s blog now, is it? Sauces get a 3 out of 5. The meal overall gets a 2 out of 5, because McDonald’s collaboration meals are doing less than the bare minimum. A regular chicken nugget meal, just with a couple new sauces? Come on. And do you remember the collaboration burger from, like, a year ago with J Balvin? It was just a regular burger with his name slapped on! The description even said “he prefers his without pickles” or something like that, but the collaboration burger still… had pickles. These are not even collaborations at this point! McDonald’s, please. Give the people a real collaboration. There has to be a better way.

3. a short reading list + online window shopping

The Unlikely Story Story Behind Japanese Americans’ Campaign for Reparations by Isabella Rosario for NPR’s Code Switch

America Has Tried Reparations Before. Here Is How It Went. by Adeel Hassan and Jack Healy for the New York Times

The Struggle Against Poverty Needs to Be a Collective Fight by K.A. Dilday for The Atlantic

The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates for The Atlantic

There Is No Middle Ground on Reparations by Ibram X. Kendi for The Atlantic

Thistle & Spire Tigris Bra ($72! Holy shit that’s a lot of money but fuck does it look good)
Aelfric Eden Cardigan ($82! Also holy shit a lot of dollaroos! Also also these two items of clothing are my ideal Look. A woman of duality, I am)

4. watch list

5. camera roll

Alright folks, that’s all for June! I leave you with an outfit which made me so bummed I didn’t have people to show it to, and a couple Tweets which made me think very hard about my generally lowkey attitude and guffaw out loud, respectively.


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