september, 2021

1. back to not school season

It’s so odd to not be in back-to-school mode. It feels uncomfortable and awkward to not be doing the planning and getting ready and acclimating and syllabi-reading that I’m used to doing around this time of year. Somehow, though, I’m still finding myself in that headspace: figuring out a new daily routine after some life shifts of mine. September was spent feeling confused and wrongfooted. Wondering where some of the foundations of my mind were. I found myself thinking about mental patterns, the well-worn grooves of life I seem to seek out again and again. Things or thoughts that feel comfortable and safe that aren’t actually all that comfortable or safe when you get down to it, but feel comfortable and safe — perhaps because I’m just so used to feeling uncomfortable and unsafe. So, here we are at the end of the month. The National has been my most played artist these past weeks, which gives you a good idea of how much I’ve been leaning into that quietly morose feeling. One day in the car, I listened to a song’s lyrics for the first time and thought to myself “fuck, I want that tattooed”, and started immediately thinking about potential typefaces. I’ll revisit this thought in a year and either laugh at that emo thought or get it. I’m only just starting to settle into these changes.

2. reviewed

The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald: I picked up a used copy of this years ago from a thrift store and it’s been languishing on my bookcase ever since. In the gap between ending my student jobs and starting a full-time role, I thought it’d be nice to read something for fun. Remembering that I un-ironically really enjoyed The Great Gatsby in high school (I un-ironically really enjoyed most assigned readings I had in school – definitely more white men than I would’ve liked, but good stuff), I picked this. It was a mistake. This book is about rich white people during 1940sish New York fucking themselves over and being sad about it. There are some passages which are beautiful and lyrical and sound like poetry. There are not enough of those to make up for the utter lack of worthwhile shit happening. 1 out of 5 stars: ½ for the occasional flashes of light within the prose, the other ½ for the lesson learned. I need to just give a book 75 pages and then drop it if it’s not working out, instead of being stupidly stubborn and insisting on finishing the whole goddamn thing.

This Lolo birth control ad: This one ad always plays on Hulu while I watch Hannibal, so I can recite the script along with it now. It’s actually coming in handy because I can’t find the exact ad anywhere to link to, but I think it’s a shortened and slightly different version of this ad, focusing on the woman at the beginning and picking up where she meets the man after shopping. The cartoon-y art is kind of cute, I guess, but it makes no sense. “We women are in the know about everything”? I mean, sure. And then the cartoon woman shows her cartoon male partner a shopping bag and he makes wiggly eyebrows? And the whole ad finishes with the cartoon woman, after sex with the cartoon man who is now in bed, wearing a shirt that says “but first, coffee” as she looks at the camera suggestively? I have no idea why someone made the decisions that led to this ad’s creation. The whole thing watches like a boardroom of old men going “Now what do women want to hear?? Aha, I’ve got it! That they know everything!” ½ out of 5 stars.

This Phexxi ‘welcome to my vagina’ birth control ad: Now this birth control ad is a marvel. The vagina-themed set featuring pink decor and a hedge opening is beautiful. The little remote has 4 buttons reading “code red”, “ladies who lunch”, “self care”, and “boinga boinga”. My kind of calendar event titles. Annie Murphy as a spokesperson is a marvel. And the scooter out? I mean, you already killed this ad, but the scooter sent me into the stratosphere with joy. 5 out of 5, a wonderful birth control ad. Informative and entertaining. I never want to be sold to by a pharmaceutical company in any other way.

3. reading list

Twilight TikTok compilation by TDEWSTIKTOK on YouTube

4. discoveries

Happy & Polly

And their Spring Series Ceramic Cat Drinking Fountain, which retails for $80. Their ads are targeting the right people, but alas, I don’t have the right income.

The Tumblr blog JonasGirlfriends

This Tumblr is dedicated to chronicling all the girlfriends of the Jonas Brothers over the years, with photo evidence and time stamps. I am incredibly thankful for quality journalism in this day and age.

Pawsome Couture

Another targeted Instagram ad with cat products. They really know how to get me looking.

5. camera roll


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