Hey there! My name is Maxine, and I’m a twenty-one-year-old human girl.


I live in Northern California and most days you can find me going to college and asking the big questions, like: What color should I paint my nails next? Is the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty inherently unjust? Will the US Congress ever be made up of not mainly old white guys? Is Taylor Swift an intersectional feminist in hiding or just a performative white feminist? And, perhaps most importantly, did my cat Luna have a good day today?

In other words, this blog doesn’t have a clear, concise, marketable purpose. I’m not here to teach you things or sell you things – I’m just figuring things out and here to share some of it. It’d be really cool if you wanted to stick around!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at maxine.zhao(at)icloud.com. You’re very welcome to tell me my cat in the photo above (Watson – RIP lil buddy) is gorgeous.

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