Hi there! My name is Maxine.

I live in California. I enjoy things like painting my nails, rubbing my cat’s belly, and window shopping for stationery products. I care a lot about mental health and figuring out how to deal with my anxiety and sometimes depression well. I think (worry) a lot about how to be a good person and not actively contribute to the uh imperialist white supremacist country I live in, but I’ve been less successful in figuring that one out. Noodles are my favorite food category.

As you can tell from this page, this blog doesn’t have a clear purpose. I’m not here to teach you things or sell you things. I’m here on Earth to figure things out and so I guess I’m here on this corner of the Internet to share some of that when I feel like it. Feel free to stick around – I’ll be here either way, chattering on, and friends are nice to have.

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