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first impressions

I am a resident of Los Angeles, California now. If I weren’t signed up for paperless billing, my credit card bill would go to LA, CA, USA. If I were faster at doing things on my to-do list, I would be registered to vote in the same city that Lauren Conrad is. (I have a very surface-level knowledge of her and assume that she both lives in LA and votes.)

I will be living here for at least the next two years of my life for school and feel, as with any ending/beginning I experience, funny about it. My boyfriend came to help me move in and as we walked around talking about how different everything is here compared to what we’re used to, he suggested I should write down some first impressions to revisit later. I love this idea and can’t believe I, a highly sentimental and stationery loving person, have never done it before in any of the places I’ve been.

So that’s what this is: the view from my first week here in LA. I hope I’ll be able to look back on this in a year, five, ten, seven hundred, and feel funny all over again.

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what’s in my bag 🤓 school edition

I think anyone who says they don’t enjoy “what’s in my bag” or “what apps are on my phone” videos/posts are either lying or part of the robot army. How can you not be interested in that shit? I literally want to know everything about everyone. Like, what’s in your fridge? What’s your favorite brand of ketchup? Do you even buy ketchup?? Is your fridge organized??? What size milk do you buy????? WOULD LOVE TO KNOW.

Which is all to say, I’m a Stage 5 Nosy Person. I’m also a little bit of an oversharer – which shouldn’t be all that surprising, right? No one who has a blog is that concerned about keeping everything to themselves.

So in that vein, today I’m sharing what I carry in my bag every day for school!

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