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what’s in my bag 🤓 school edition

I think anyone who says they don’t enjoy “what’s in my bag” or “what apps are on my phone” videos/posts are either lying or part of the robot army. How can you not be interested in that shit? I literally want to know everything about everyone. Like, what’s in your fridge? What’s your favorite brand of ketchup? Do you even buy ketchup?? Is your fridge organized??? What size milk do you buy????? WOULD LOVE TO KNOW.

Which is all to say, I’m a Stage 5 Nosy Person. I’m also a little bit of an oversharer – which shouldn’t be all that surprising, right? No one who has a blog is that concerned about keeping everything to themselves.

So in that vein, today I’m sharing what I carry in my bag every day for school!

backpack (1 of 12)

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spring 10×10 • day 3

Day 3 is upon us, I’m onto my second pair of pants, and I’m realizing that I did not pick enough pants for this challenge!! I love bottoms (as in, articles of clothing that go on the bottom half of your body, not as in asses, although I like those too) way more than tops, and yet I skewed the wrong way in making this mini capsule wardrobe. Something to remember for next time.

Anyway, onto the outfit –


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