stone forest • weekend photo diary

(I asked myself if it could still feasibly be called a photo diary when it really only has about 30 photos, and then I answered myself “Yes, because you made a resolution to yourself to blog at least once a week and this counts as a blog post, gosh damn it.”)

& so, here’s a rundown of my weekend!

Saturday morning G, J, and I met up, made plans, cancelled those plans, and then made (about four) different plans before settling on going to the Stone Forest and the Bamboo Temple, with liberal applications of alcohol in between. So we set out Saturday night, ended up at a party, bar, and club, in that order, and danced really badly with some French guys (if you know anything about me at all, you will know that I am infatuated with all Frenchmen) until about five in the morning, whereupon we returned to the Hump Hostel in Kunming to sleep it off.


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