paris • travel diary (day 1 of 7)

On the morning of Wednesday the 5th of April, my family and I went on our spraaaaaang break vacation to – PARIS!!! Like all cliché impressionist art/Madewell/baguette-loving women out there, I am hopelessly enamored with Paris/France. A Parisian could sneer at my favorite shoes and I might think something like, “Oh wow, merci beaucoup for noticing little ol’ me!” Anyway, this is the start of what will be an 8-part photo diary of our 8 days in the city of love/light/ladies in the Cool Parisian Girl uniform of striped shirts and leather jackets. (+ cigarettes, which aren’t so cool because, you know, lung cancer.)

Day 1 was our train ride to Paris from London, followed by the Musée National du Moyen Âge/National Museum of the Middle Ages and the Pantheon! Also some, uh, fine French cuisine in the form of McDonald’s, because that is what you get to eat when you let your 14-year-old brother decide what’s for lunch. Insert eyeroll emoji here.


the bb brudder and I sleeping on the train

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