london • natural history museum & harrods & nando’s

More London pics today!! Today we are takin’ a wander over to the Natural History Museum and Harrod’s, which both need no introduction or description, with a stop in the middle at Nando’s for food. If you take away one thing from visiting my blog, let it be this: Nando’s is the crown jewel of the British Empire. *mic drop*


A close second for crown jewel of the British Empire would maaaaybe be the shops on the high street. Marks & Spencer is unreal. Honestly. I guess I could compare it to Target in the US, because you can buy clothes/food/a lot of other shit there, only Target is like…the Guy Fieri version of M&S. And M&S doesn’t really sell electronics or toys. OK, this comparison did not pan out, but my ultimate point is that M&S is a heaven and if you ever find yourself in the UK, that should be your third stop. (First = hotel/lodging. Second = pub for food/drank.)


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