rome 🇮🇹 walking around in the day & the trevi at night

I spent a little over a week in Rome this June with my dad – here are the photos!

We stayed in a hotel right next to the Pantheon, so it was a really good distance from touristy attractions. This was my first time in Italy/Rome; it felt a little surprising, in that it’s not a location that I’ve seen a lot of or thought a lot of so I didn’t have that many preconceived expectations about it. Anyway, Rome is a city with a orange/red/yellow and green color palette. The younger people all look like they’re fun at pubs and pool parties. The older people look like that too. And I’m into it all. So now I’m head over heels for both France and Italy.

I started this day wandering around semi-aimlessly by myself. My dad was doing work at the university, so I set out to meet him but took my time to look at whatever caught my eye. I wasn’t very on top of planning/researching, so I’m afraid I didn’t know what a lot of things were until later in the evening when I looked them up. This is the Capitoline Museum, which I reached after crossing a terrifying roundabout.

The Vittoriano, or Altar of the Fatherland, is for Italy’s first king, Victor Emmanuel II. The Capitoline Museum is behind it, but this huge marble edifice is what originally caught my eye and set me started on a path through an intense roundabout and a huge flight of stairs in the heat.

I so enjoy walking around by myself in a city – it’s freeing and fun, to think of nothing but what you want to do in a city where no one knows your name and you don’t know much either.

Now the evening! The Pantheon was literally a one minute walk from our hotel and, I mean, how wild to have slept next to this building for a week. To think about how much life this building has witnessed is entirely mind-boggling; from marriages to religious services for the Roman gods at first to the Catholic church it is today to modern-day tourists like me to travelers passing through ancient Rome to locals using it as a meeting point for drinks after work, it’s been there for all of it.


paris • travel diary (day 1 of 7)

On the morning of Wednesday the 5th of April, my family and I went on our spraaaaaang break vacation to – PARIS!!! Like all cliché impressionist art/Madewell/baguette-loving women out there, I am hopelessly enamored with Paris/France. A Parisian could sneer at my favorite shoes and I might think something like, “Oh wow, merci beaucoup for noticing little ol’ me!” Anyway, this is the start of what will be an 8-part photo diary of our 8 days in the city of love/light/ladies in the Cool Parisian Girl uniform of striped shirts and leather jackets. (+ cigarettes, which aren’t so cool because, you know, lung cancer.)

Day 1 was our train ride to Paris from London, followed by the Musée National du Moyen Âge/National Museum of the Middle Ages and the Pantheon! Also some, uh, fine French cuisine in the form of McDonald’s, because that is what you get to eat when you let your 14-year-old brother decide what’s for lunch. Insert eyeroll emoji here.


the bb brudder and I sleeping on the train

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